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That 70's Show Season 1 & 2

Hello Wisconsin! Meet Eric Foreman, a teenager who’s life is dominated by (not having) sex, drugs and rock&roll. But not completely of course. After to school he spends his time with his friends: the beautiful Donna with who he wants to get together, the rather stupid Kelso who’s got a thing going on with the superficial Jackie, foreign exchange student Fez, and last but certainly not least the ever-cool Steven Hyde. When he’s not hanging out, his life gets dominated by his overcaring mother, his extremely conservative dad Red and his annoying sister Laurie. And all this set in a background of 1970s Wisconsin.

Sound and Vision:
For a sitcom tv-series, the image quality is quite good. There are hardly any compression errors, little grain and the detail is reasonable. Nothing special but certainly not bad.

The sound is what you would expect. Clear dialogues and that’s it. But what more would you want?

Season one: a featurette, a trivia show and some promo stuff
Season two: a five minute look back on season one, a behind the screens web video, a seven minute song by Ashton Kuchter, several web videos and a 13 minute featurette where we get to see director David Trainer give some info on the series.

That 70’s Show is a terrific sitcom where totally different characters interact and go from one absurd situation to the next. It’s a bit like Friends with a younger group and set in a different timeframe which leads to hilarious situations. King of the hill is without a doubt Eric Foreman’s dad Red who constantly shows his conservative republican nature which is in high contrast with Eric’s mom Kitty who has a more modern approach despite being the typical protective mother hen. The rest of the cast does an equally good job, making their characters interesting and believable despite the ridiculous situations they constantly run into. Yes, if you want to see a younger version of “Friends”, That 70’s Show is without a doubt the series for you!

Our Score:

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