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That's My Boy

thatsmyboyWith The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy and Big Daddy Adam Sandler delivered a couple of comedies that we could appreciate and ever since we’ve been hoping he would get back to that level. Time after time we felt that Sandler could be fun and we decided to give him another chance. After having seen the trailer of this “That’s My Boy” we decided to request this Blu-ray for review. The day after we read that the movie received a Razzie Award. Our expectations were immediately corrected.

Sandler is Donny, a boy who got his fifteen minutes of fame when he made his teacher pregnant and became a national phenomenon. That time has since long passed and Donny has lost all his money while his son Han Solo, these days known as the succesful hedge fun broker Todd, is about to get married. When Donny faces jailtime due to unpaid taxes he decides to pick up his bond with his son again, in the hopes he can make enough money with this through a reality-TV show to pay his debts.

That’s about all you need to know about the story, the rest of the movie consists of insults to just about everything and everyone, rudeness and bland jokes that with a lot of trouble manage to make the shine of a smile appear on your face. That our expectations were down to zero right after requesting this movie probably helped that we effectively managed to smile at certain moments, but that doesn’t make up for Sandler again delivering a crappy comedy.

In That’s My Boy Sandler took on a ridiculous accent that he probably finds funny, he masturbates on a picture of an 80 year old (?) grandmother, it appears to be funny to see a father (James Caan) knock someone out, Susan Sarandon gets turned on from a finger tapping a window, and Andy Samberg gets shown as a complete idiot who manages to be worse in catching a throwing a ball than a two year old. Yes, we reach new lows in this movie and we sincerely hope the cast got paid well to be part of this piece of garbage.

That’s My Boy is most of all good in delivering badly placed and worked out jokes and stupidities and got a Razzie for a good reason. The movies is about Donny’s past glory but we most of all wonder whether Sandler will every be able to retrieve HIS past glory.

Having read above comments you probably wonder why in God’s name we dared give this release a 4/10. Well, you can thank Sony for that as they do perfectly know how to transfer a movie to Blu-ray. The image and sound are almost perfect and next to that we also get a couple of extras including bloopers, deleted scenes, an overview of the cameos performed, and the cast talking about the scenes in the strip club. Why there’s seven minutes of the cast shouting “Wassuuup!” is beyond us, though.


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