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The Hangover – Part 3

hangover3The Hangover was in 2009 a huge success and not without reason. A group of friends go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party but the next day they wake up without any memories of what happened the night before and to make things worse, they groom himself is nowhere to be found. This was the start of a search to map the hilarious events of the last night and as such also retrieve the missing man.

Making comedies isn’t easy. Usually we get some “romantic” movie with sweet jokes and an ending you can see coming from the first second (everything is going to be alright!), or you get an absurd story with burleque humour whereby you need to hope it remains funny (seeing someone taking a dump is not by definition funny). The Hangover did succeed in tagging all the right squares, didn’t go all romantic, and the jokes may not have been all at the same high level, you at the very least could laugh with them!

Part 2 was sort of a remake of part 1 and therefore missed the originality we appreciated so much in the Original. The audience on the other hand didn’t care and also the sequel became such a success you could bet a third part would be made. If Hollywood smalls money nothing can stop them, right? And that’s how we got to The Hangover: Part 3.

No bachelor party this time, nor some drug-induced trip with accompanying memory loss. No, we now get a crime comedy where The Wolfpack has to save Doug from a gangster boss called Marshall (John Goodman) who has some unfinished business with Alans friend Mr. Chow. The latter has robbed Marshall from a pile of gold some time ago and as the little Chinese has no friends other than Alan Marshall sees this as his only opportunity to ever see his gold back and take revenge on Chow. Chow, who recently escaped from prison, however is less than easy to be turned over…

Todd Philips decided to complete break with the setup from the first two parts. Except for the characters and their shared history nothing remains from the Original concept, something the critics found all but a good idea and you can truly wonder what this still has to do with “The Hangover”. The audience on the other hand didn’t agree and part 3 was again a box office hit.

Was this with good reason? Well, we don’t mind the same concept not being reused for a third time, and the movie starts with a truly hilarious scene that literally got us rolling on the floor laughing. The tone is immediately set and you can’t wait to experience more jokes! Sadly enough, that one scene is the only one that’s actually funny…

The rest of the movie follows a pretty simple and straightforward script where the Wolfpack goes from one location to the other and even returns to Las Vegas where it all started. The voyage should be filled with funny events and dialogues but sadly enough isn’t, and even though the makers do their best, the romance that blooms between Alan and Cassie (Melissa McCarthy) can’t make one laugh. It may be said: after ten minutes The Hangover Part 3 deflates like a badly made pudding and can at its best be seen as an entertaining adventure movie. And we’re being very positive here.

The image and sound quality of this Blu-ray is again very good. The sharpness and level of detail are super and especially the overview scenes in night time Las Vegas are impressive. Also the sound has nothing to complain about, the surrounds are well-used for music and effects (like a door getting slammed behind you) and dialogues are at all times crystal clear.

The Hangover isn’t a serious movie and the extras are similar. “Replacing Zach: The Secret Auditions” is five minutes Galifianakis who finds himself a genious, “The Wolfpack’s Wildest Stunts” goes deeper in on the stunts from the movie, and “Inside Focus: the Real Chow” has to make us believe the Asian in real life can’t be trusted either. Last up are some extended scenes and the cast & crew reliving the fun they had making the movie.


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