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The Level Designers – Part 6

Today, Mick “VermoorD” Beard, from Human Head is the man to answer our questions.

What did you do for studies ?

Mick : School was a bit of a “No-No”for me, i was having to much fun pubbing and clubbing ,i eventually joined the Royal Air Force and become an aircraft electrician working on Jaguar ground attack aircraft.

What brought you to the gaming industry ?

Mick : I released a few DM levels and an SP episode for Unreal and Tim Sweeney mentioned one of them favourably in his Plan file, this was posted on Planet Unreal and i actually had a few jobs offers within days of that..Thanks again Tim

How did you start making levels ?

Mick : A serious industrial industry left me partially paralyzed and unable to work so i was looking for things to occupy the long boring days,i discovered the Worldcraft editor and thought i would have a go at making those map thingys

Which program(s) do you use to make levels ?

Mick : I use RuneEdit (modified UnrealEd ) right now, but i have used Worldcraft and QERadiant in the past

For which game did you like most to make levels ?

Mick : Quake 2 definately,i just love the lighting effects you can get with that beastie

Which levels for what games do you like so much that you regret you didn’t make them ?

Mick : My all time Favourite map is Claustraphobopolis for quake1, i did a Quake 2 conversion of it which kinda made feel better about not coming up with it first:)

Where do you get your inspiration for making levels ?

Mick : Anywhere and everywhere, Films, TV, books name it there’s usually a level idea hidden in there somewhere.

Where do you make the difference in making levels for single player or multiplayer ?

Mick : Single player maps are Just stages in which a story should unfold so they pretty much have to be believable within the realms of the game you are making them for, whereas Deathmatch maps..well pretty much anything goes.Weapon placement, flow and speed are the yardsticks here.

Who do you find to be the best level creator and why ?

Mick : Anyone who can suck me into a game gets my vote, there are a lot of extremely talanted LDs around right now,and it would be unfair to highlight some and not others ..hehe..dodged that bullet eh? 🙂

What is the most fun about your job ?

Mick : Oh getting to do interviews 🙂 umm really i would have to say its working with a team of guys who really know their stuff, seeing new cool things every day,talk about inspiriation phew!!!

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