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The Rituals of Ritual

It’s been quite silent lately surrounding Ritual Entertainment and when we fired off a few questions to Richard “Levelord” Gray to see what they were up to, he said that we should ask a few questions to some of the new guys that came from 2015, so that’s exactly what we did 🙂

How did you enter the gaming scene?

Adam : I started making levels for Doom and Duke Nukem 3D and it just kinda escalated into a big hobby, and then one day I started getting paid for it.

Jerry : It’s a rather interesting story really, but to keep it short, I was offered a level design position at id Software. Unfortunately, at the time, I still had a year left on my commitment to the U.S. Air Force and could not take the position. It just so happened, after my commitment to Uncle Sam, a position opened up at 2015, Inc. where I made the smooth transition from military life into the gaming industry.

What is the most fun on being a level designer?

Adam : Deciding where to go for lunch. Level designers always have such a hard time with that, I don’t know why. But uh, other than lunch it would have to be the joy of making games and truly loving what you do for a living.

Jerry : It would be real hard to decide on the single most fun thing about being a level designer. Narrowing it down though, I would have to say; working with very talented people and having the opportunity to really enjoy your job make it the most fun

You guys left 2015 to join Ritual Entertainment. Care to enlighten that choice ?What made you choose Ritual and leave 2015 ?

Adam : While I was at 2015 a few of us were constantly making the trip to Dallas to check out what was going down in the industry out here, and hang out with friends. I got to know some of the Ritual guys and I really liked their business and gaming philosophies and work environment. The fact that there is a tad bit more happening in the way of social activities down here in Dallas than up in Tulsa was also a big plus.

Jerry : This is also a tough one to answer, normally by the mere implication of choice; it denotes that one is better than the other. While at 2015, it was awesome working with such a talented development team, and I am grateful to have been a part of Medal of Honor’s success. I wish the rest of team success in future endeavours! Ultimately, to answer the question, I just felt the need to move on. Ritual offered me a position on their team and I gladly accepted. It’s great to be here and I look forward to working with these guys!

What projects did you work on at 2015?

Adam : CIA Operative: Solo Missions (valueware) and Medal of Honor Allied Assault.

Jerry : Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

What do you expect from working at Ritual?

Adam : A good time making games! There are a lot of really cool and talented people working here; it should be a fun time.

Jerry : We all have expectations which are commonly understood by all, you know, like the golden rule: “Do unto others before they do unto you”….err I mean “as they do unto you”…oh no no… I mean “as you would have them do unto you” – yeah that’s it ;). I guess I never really thought about what to expect other than what I can to contribute to the team.

What projects are you currently working on? (details please ! ;p)

Adam : Secret ones.

Jerry : Me? Working on? I just sweep floors! (That’s the same answer I gave to my captors when they beat me unmercifully in POW training at the USAF Survival School)

Since it was Levelord himself who suggested I’d ask you some questions I can’t resist but ask how he is to work with? (Your chance to get back at him for suggesting me to harass you ;p)

Adam : I haven’t had a chance to get to know the Levelord real well yet, I have only been here a week and we walked right into some work on “the game”. He’s seems like a real nice guy though, and his work on Duke Nukem 3D played a big part in why I got into level design. I look forward to getting to know him, although I hear he’s got a thing for sheep =)

Jerry : Levelord is a really cool guy, I suppose that is my “bias” opinion only because we are both (originally) from Connecticut and we have both spent time serving this great nation (military). It’s really awesome that we immediately have some things in common and I look forward to working with him

Very general question to finish off: What are you looking forward to most?

Adam : Finding time to play Final Fantasy X and finish Halo. Getting a bad ass new exhaust and intake for my car. Finishing unpacking the rest of my apartment from the move. Oh, and Doom 3.

Jerry : I suppose the most typical answer would be – to make awesome games! But in all honesty isn’t that true? At least, that’s what I’m looking forward to most…

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