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The Sims 3

As of now you can also test your pupetting skills on console. Always been a fan of SM but were afraid to introduce this way of life to your better half? Luckily EA is here to fulfill our deepest desires. I myself prefer to take it easy, but some of the others in our crew…, well… Let’s just say that the countless possibilities of The Sims 3 aren’t enough to highlight their darker side.

No more crap whith choosing between game modes like in The Sims 2 for the PS2, but just accept those “Terms of Service” and start the game with your favorite Sim.

The previous edition on Playstation couldn’t hold up against the PC version. Back then the little brother had worse graphics, had a lot of sloppy work and was hard to control. Especially for those that were used of the PC version. The devs clearly listened to the wishes of their audience and have now delivered a product equal to that on PC.

Just like on that other platform, you can exchange or share items, houses and Sims through the “Exchange”. Of course you need an internet connection for that, and that also goes for “The Store” where you can buy and download all kinds of items you don’t already have yet. Next to these two options there’s also “My Studio” where you can save your own creations to reuse them in the house of another Sim or so.

As always you start with making your Sim and you’ll literally be occupied for hours to create your ideal “alter ego”. The menu used to create one is identical to that on PC so if you’re used to that already you won’t need all the tips and tricks that constantly appear on your screen.

Once done with that you can head into town. The “Town Map” differs from previous versions. In The Sims 2 on PC you would live in your own area and couldn’t leave it unless when going to visit the city or a friend. In The Sims 3 that changed and you would live in the city which evolves along with your Sim and in which you could easily move around by zooming in and out and moving. The PS3 version takes a bit of both approaches. You get an area in which you can hang out easily, but it’s only four parcels big. Social contact can be gotten in a public place, and each area has one. No more depressed rabbits coming to sheer you up because your Sim has a shortage on human contact.

Chosen where to live? Ok, time to get to work. As always you can build your house, decorate it, adjust, and so on. The “Build & Buy” mode slightly differs from the PC but the possibilities and choices are equally extensive. The difference is mainly in the menu and look, but with one hint after the other being thrown at you you’ll have a hard time getting lost.

On to “Live Mode” then. This needs some getting used to for people that usually play on PC. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the last console version because I have the eye-hand coordination of a hamster and therefore I would suggest everyone to go through the tutorial to start with as the thousands of buttons you can use on a controller actually do get used. The controls have certainly been improved this time! I even decided that it’s time to throw my PC version out the window. Ok, graphically this normally is a step down, but seeing the age of my PC that’s not really an issue anymore. And maybe I’ll get less blue screens.

One thing you can’t find anywhere else is the new mode “Karma Powers”. If you’re fed up with the drag of your virtual life, you can use some karma and get a surprising twist. Or if your Sim is in such bad shape that he can fall dead any minute, you can use some “Super Satisfy” karma and he’ll be back on his feet in no time! You can also use it on other Sims so if you’ve got a stalker on your heels you just use a “Comic Curse” and he’s gone. Karma can’t be used indefinitely and you need Karma points. In the “Challenge Shop” you can buy new karma powers. Show what kind of maker you are and create chaos or peace with the help of this newest gadget.

The sound is as always recognisable. Effects in the right place and the music is the same tune as always. You can determine yourself how independent your Sim is by adjusting the AI, making it a very independent creature or a brainless zombie that doesn’t do anything unless you tell him to. A less positive point of this latest version is that you can’t buy land as all parcels have buildings on them. Adjusting or demolishing the house on the other hand is an option.

All in all this console version of the Sims is very good. Maybe not something for the architects or construction workers amongst us, as they could be disappointed, but the regular average Sims fans will love it. You will have to take your time, though, for getting used to the many menus and buttons, and have patience during the loading times. The new challenges and Karma Powers are fun new features and will guarantee hours of playing time.

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