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The Stand, Stephen King's

An extremely deadly virus escapes from a secret government laboratory because of a guard that didn’t keep the quarantine and ran away. Little later he’s found on the other side of the USA and the army needs to set up a huge action to try contain the virus. Everyone that has been in contact with the guard gets put in a hospital and put under observation. Unfortunately the virus has already spread out and within days almost the entire population of the US is killed. Only a handful people remain. All alone, they start looking for other survivors and along their journey they get attracted by two powerful sources. Once the two groups are set up, the battle between good and evil is set to burst off.

Sound and Vision:
The color use of this dvd is pretty good and natural but there’s lots of grain, lack of detail and even occasional white spots due to damage or dirt on the film. Fortunately there are no compression errors but some cleaning up would not have hurt.

The same goes for the soundtrack. The stereo spreading as such is good but there are several ticks in the sound caused by damage.


Stephen King’s The Stand is a 6-hour TV movie with a compelling story where you get to follow several different characters in their struggle between good and evil. The only minor downpoints are the fact that the book is still much better than the movie and the fact that the ending is rather stupid. Still, definitely worth renting if you’ve got 6 hours to spare

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