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The Sum Of All Fears

We all know that most games that are based on movies tend to suck. Red Storm Entertainment are the latest development studio to give it a try and with their experience as Tom Clancy specialist, making a game based on a Tom Clancy movie shouldn’t be all too hard, should it ?

Apparantly it should.

You’re in charge of a bunch of anti-terrorists and after a couple of missions you have to go after the bad guys that have stolen a nuclear bomb and decided to plant it in the Baltimore Superbowl stadion.

Red Storm decided to use their Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon experience and create a game that plays much like it. However, unlike most of their games, the tactics are alot less necessary in this “tactical” shooter.

Each mission follows a set course which you need to follow and along the way you have to kill a bunch of enemies. Of course you’ve got mission briefings and other stuff that should give you the impression that you’re busy with something important, but you can just as easily skip everything just until you start playing. Follow the white line on the small map at the bottom of the screen and shoot with the auto-aim when you see a red dot coming in your line of fire.

If you want to make it a bit harder, you can turn off auto-aim and a couple of other options that help you to finish your missions, but that doesn’t make the game more interesting.

The AI is a mixed bag. On one hand, the enemy AI has improved as enemies tend to duck or run away or cry for help when they see you. On the other hand opponents still don’t notice their partners fall down when being shot right next to them.
Your team is a bunch of loosers and you wonder how they ever got into an “elite” task force. They tend to either walk in your way, get killed or get lost and separated from yourself (although your orders were specific to stay close).

The graphics which were pretty good in Ghost Recon are below standard here. Textures may look pretty impressive, but low detail buildings don’t really look convincing. Maybe someone should inform Red Storm of this. The Ghost Recon engine should be capable of more I would think.

The 11 missions are not nearly enough to keep you occupied for more than a week (on the harder levels – easy can be finished within 1 day) and if you really want a game that needs tactics, you can better look for something else.

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