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The Threat

1. There are a lot of MMO-spacesims being released nowadays (EVE Online, Earth & Beyond), what is it that makes people decide they’re going to buy X²: The Threat, which is a single player game?

X²-The Threat is very attractive because it is so different to the aforementioned games. It is no RPG type game, the player is free to do what he wants to do and can be whoever he wants to be. X² offers yet unseen freedom of game play and also a great complexity – just think of the realistic economy – while being easy to control after all. Trade, Fight, Build, Think – there is enough to do for everyone and not just fans of a particular genre. And of course X² just looks great! 😉

2. What is the level of destructibility in-game? Can I destroy space stations? Blow up planets?

In general there is one rule: if you can see it, you can blow it up. However it is unlikely that you will find weapons powerful enough to destroy a whole planet – but for ships, space stations etc: yes.

3. To what LOD(level of detail) can a player’s character be customised? Or will you never be able to see your in-game character, just the spaceships you’re in?

As mentioned before, X² is not an RPG – there is no character of which you can change the hair colour or the shoes 😉 – the game character is as customised and unique as the person playing the game. Players can fly many different ships, can own fleets, build stations, fight wars… The sum of all this is the real customisation!

4. The graphics on the screenshots look fabulous, is this a totally new 3D-engine or have you severely optimised the X-Beyond the Frontier engine?

Our engine has been completely re-written to support latest DirectX technology. It’s all new and all better 🙂

5. When can we expect a beta version?

Beta is in progress for a few months already.

6. Will the game ship around the same period everywhere in the world or will there first be f.e. only a North-American version?

Yes, we are trying to achieve a global release date for all territories.

7. Could you summarise what the major differences with X-Beyond the Frontier and X-Tension are?

Well, let me give you a few numbers:
– 150% more sectors than in X-BtF exceeding 130 sectors to explore, connected by more than 300 jump gates!

– More than twice as many weapon systems than in the prequels

– Over 1600 stations in a real supply and demand – based economy

– more than 50 different types of nebulae ships to fly

in X-BtF: 1 ships to fly in X²: over 50

And there’s a lot more.

more to TRADE (new commodities)
more to FIGHT (new enemies)
more to BUILD (new stations)
more to THINK (new controls)

Did I mention the completely new graphics engine? The X-Universe is bigger and more beautiful but also more dangerous than ever before.

8. How will X2 be compatible with the online X-universe that is being made also?

X² and the Online-Universe will of course take place in the same universe, you will find the races known from the previous games and X² already has increased flexibility which will be enhanced to the max in Online-Universe.

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