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Thing, The

An American North Pole expedition sees some Norwegian colleagues of them chasing a dog into their camp and start shooting at it. They believe the Norwegians to have gone mad and kill them, taking the dog into custody. When they go to the Norwegian camp, they find it almost completely burnt down and the remains contain a corpse of what seems to be something that used to be human.

The next day, they put the dog with their other dogs, only to find it mutating and trying to suck the other dogs up. After having killed the creature, it pretty fast becomes clear that this species is alien and that it imitates other life forms. When the doctor finds out that even the burnt corpse of the creature still has cellular activity and that there’s a 75% chance that at least one member of the US crew has been infected, he goes insane and starts tearing the base down, leaving no communications with the outside world. The rest of the crew now has to try and find out who they can trust before the alien thing catches and kills them all.

Sound and Vision:
The Thing isn’t a new movie and this is shown by some sporadic dirt on the image as well as some grain here and there. Still, overall the image has been polished up quite nicely with solid black levels, decent contrast and level of detail.

We get a nice DTS-HD track that has clear dialogues and good music that’s perfectly positioned. Only with certain effects (like an explosion) it becomes clear we’re watching an older movie as then the lack of dynamics come forward as they sound a bit flat and hollow.

– U-Control that brings forward some picture-in-picture material like behind the scenes footage and interviews
– Audio commentary
– Terror Takes Shape
– Production Archive
– Production Pictures
– Artwork and storyboard
– Location Design
– The Dish
– The Blair Monster
– Bloopers
– Post Production
– Trailer

All the extra’s that were present on the DVD release are here again and as we said in our review of the DVD this is excellent stuff. Everything you want to know about the movie is gets explained and that’s exactly how we like it!

The Thing is a classic in its genre and should not be left out of any collection. Compared to the DVD this Blu-ray delivers much enhanced image and sound quality while keeping the same extras and adding a U-Control feature which is typical for Universal. Although this release against isn’t perfect, it’s the best we’ve seen yet for this movie so if you don’t have it yet: get it! If you do have The Thing on DVD already, you have to wonder whether the improved image and sound are worth the additional money for this Blu-ray.

Our Score:

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