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Thing, The

An American North Pole expedition sees some Norwegian colleagues of them chasing a dog into their camp and start shooting at it. They believe the Norwegians to have gone mad and kill them, taking the dog into custody. When they go to the Norwegian camp, they find it almost completely burnt down and the remains contain a corpse of what seems to be something that used to be human. The next day, they put the dog with their other dogs, only to find it mutating and trying to suck the other dogs up. After having killed the creature, it pretty fast becomes clear that this species is alien and that it imitates other life forms.

When the doctor finds out that even the burnt corpse of the creature still has cellular activity and that there’s a 75% chance that at least one member of the US crew has been infected, he goes insane and starts tearing the base down, leaving no communications with the outside world. The rest of the crew now has to try and find out who they can trust before the alien thing catches and kills them all.

Sound and Vision:
The DVD has kept the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio from the movie. Unfortunately, the dvd transfer hasn’t been completely correct as there’s quite a lot of aliasing present aswell as some grain. Also there’s quite some grain and the amount of detail could have been better.

About the same can be said from the soundtrack. Although Dolby Digital 5.1, the surround channels are hardly used and neither is the subwoofer. One cannot say that this track has been remastered for the DVD release. The dialogues are well-positioned from the center so at least that’s a relief.

To make up for the everything-but-perfect sound and image quality, we get a truckload of extras on this dvd.

We start off with a “Making Off” which corvers about everything you can imagine for a production like this including loads of interviews with cast and crew. Only thing bugging me here was the special effects guy Ron who likes to say “You know ?”. Well Ron, I don’t know so stop saying that! Next to that we get a commentary track with John Carpenter, Deleted scenes, production notes, photo galleries, storyboards, set design info, a post production documentary with Enio Morricone and John Carpenter, etc. Good stuff.

Although the movie being from 1982, it doesn’t look dated. The Thing is a classic in the horror genre and everyone should have seen it by now and if you haven’t… you just found yourself an extra reason to buy the dvd.

Our Score:

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