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Thirteenth Floor, The

Douglas Hall and Hannon Fuller are working on a new project; the creation of a virtual world situated in Los Angeles 1937. When Hannon discovers something, he leaves a message for Hall in a bar in the virtual world. The next day, Hall wakes up with a blooded shirt while Hannon is found dead. Did Hall murder Hannon without remembering it ? And who is this misterious woman who claims to be Fuller’s daughter? It’s time for Hall to take a voyage in his own creation and enter the Los Angeles of 1937 to discover the truth.

Sound and Vision:
Nice contrast, no edge enhancement or notable compression errors and good detail are the main things we remember of the image quality. Very good.

Same goes for the soundtrack. The surround channels come into action when necessary and for the rest they create a spacial atmosphere. Same goes for the subwoofer which doesn’t really get into action but subtle adds to the feeling and gives an extra edge to the special effects.

Strangely enough there’s no Making Of documentary. Next to the audio commentary track there’s filmographies from main cast and crew, the theatrical trailer, a conceptual art gallery and screenshots of before and after the special effects. Last we have the music video of The Cardigans with “Erase/Rewind”. Nothing really extraordinary and only interesting to view for once.

The Thirteenth Floor is a movie which plays with the idea of virtual reality and artificial intelligence and takes it to the next level by even making links to the existence of god. A very good dvd which gets a bit pulled down by the lack of interesting extras.

Our Score:

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