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Thru The Moebius Strip SE

In a galaxy far far away scientist Simon Weir is experimenting in his secret lab with teletime. However, something goes wrong when he enters the timegate and he’s unable to go back. Except for the robot in his lab, nobody knows where he is but since it also got damaged during the experiment it can’t help him either. While everyone believes Simon is dead, his son Jac doesn’t give up an him and starts searching the entire computer network for clues on what might have happened.

After seven years, finally a sign of life appears. Simon is stranded on a planet at the far end of the galaxy but Jac manages to pursuade his mother to go to Simon’s lab and recreate the time portal in an attempt to save his father.

Sound and Vision:
Thru the Moebius Strip got quite a decent transfer but even though it’s an animated movie you do get to see some compression errors in the background as well as some moiré. This is due to the low bitrate that was used for the DVD and with 1 GB still unused on the disc this could have been avoided.

The sound comes in 5.1 and 2.0 but don’t be fooled: the 5.1 is an upmixed version and actually doesn’t sound as good as the 2.0 track.


Thru the Moebius Strip is a nice fantasy story with some great pictures that will very much appeal to fans of European artists like Don Lawrence although the movie was made in China. The fact that it was created on a “low” budget of 25 million doesn’t show and you can almost compare it with the bigger Pixar productions. Good stuff that will appeal to young and old.

Our Score:

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