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Tiger Woods Pga Tour 08

The Wii, and mostly its method of control, is starting to create a dilemma: how do you review a sport game about a sport you don’t know anything about or just plain suck at in real life. Now on the Wii you have this sport game where the Wiimote registers everything perfectly, so you are forced to play it as you would in real-life, now what? Now normally golf games rely on the concept of you pressing a button on the right time, but this one doesn’t! This one relies on you doing the exact same movement as real golfers would! And the thing even knows if you do it right or 2 degrees to the left wrong, it’s that good! Golf fanatics, your gaming version of golf nirvana has arrived, on terms of controls anyway. Other types of gamers, get ready for a time of ego-smashing and crying in dark secluded corners and mumbling about the good old days.

That’s the review right there folks, no more, turn back, nothing to see anymore. Now you know those words would hold some truth if it was a perfect world, which it isn’t. You have editors breathing down your neck with deadlines and publishers who want to see at least a page written about their game. And of course, a game isn’t entirely determined by its controls, how near-flawless they may be (which they are in this game!). But in what kind of moulds have they melted this control in this game to add even more value for your money, well…

The game has a single-player experience which consists of three main modes, arcade and a mini-game mode, the last two also being available for multiplayer. The game first forces you through a Training module to make you familiar with the controls and the many options hidden in them. This will take you 5 minutes or half an hour depending on your golfing skills. After that you can make your own golfer with customizable face and you can throw yourself into the Tiger Challenge mode. Here you’re pitched in a series of challenges against many famous golfer like a 9-hole match with them. Complete enough of those and you can go head-to-head with Tiger Woods himself.

Don’t fancy that? Well try the PGA Tour Season mode then, where you start as newbie in the top 100 and need to earn points to go up the leader board, qualify for the FedEx Cup and claim the gold, cash and sponsorships with which you can build up your golfer.

Don’t fancy all that qualifying? Well skip it and just start competing in the FedEx Cup right away. A lot of options and easy selection, what more do you want?

The mini and arcade games are, as mentioned, also open for multiplayer and also add a lot of variety and fun. In multiplayer, your friends can tease you by shaking their Wiimotes so yours suddenly starts vibrating or they can have a horn go off to distract you. They can also manipulate the spin on your ball which sometimes can be crucial. And don’t worry, you can tease them back in full force as well. Only con here: finding three friends who also like golf.

Anther nice feature is the Confidence meter which fills up when you perform well but decreases when you’re on a course that doesn’t suit you or are about to take a shot which you never have been good at. A nicely filled Confidence meter makes you take better shots.

On the graphics side the game looks like a bumped up PS2-game and that isn’t a really good idea. Also, all the female golfers seem to wear tight T-shirts and short jeans shorts while the men have their decent polo shirts and nice-fitting pants. Also the game possesses the annoying habbit of showing cut-scenes of players banging their own head in or examining the grass. On top of that you have a voice-commentator who is insulting you all the way trough the course except if you make a perfect shot. And last remark is about the AI that sometimes does really stupid things to give you another chance if you screw up. I don’t need pity from a computer damnit!

In short summary: buy this game for the controls alone, if you like golf and you are actually adequate in playing the sport. Also the added mini and arcade games add a lot of fun and variety. The technical side is a bit low, the AI very forgiving and they can remove the commentator for the 2009 version.

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