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Tightrope (Clint Eastwood Collection)

Wes Block is a New Orleans police officer who tries to live up to his ideals but can’t resist his sexual urgess. Therefor he often ends up in the New Orleans red light district where he knows a lot of prostitutes and makes use of their services. Meanwhile, a serial killer is on the loose in that same district who kills the hookers. Wes gets put on the case but when he gets close to the killer, he realises the two of them share a connection…

Sound and Vision:
The original format of Tightrope was 1.85 while this one is 1.78 but the main problem is the constant appearance of scratches and dirt on the film while also a continuous feed of grain is thrown to our eyes. Not really the quality we expect from Warner. Luckily, the colors are nice and shiny while the amount of detail is pretty good aswell.

The soundtrack has been remixed towards a full 5.1 track and is very nicely done. The surround channels get their action just like the subwoofer (although the last one mostly just gives some extra to the music score). For a movie of this age we can only say Warner did their best to make the sound up to date.

A trailer and an overview of Cast&Crew are all we get.

Tightrope is a great movie for Clint Eastwood fans although it tends to be a bit slow in pace. Must have for the fans (although the image quality certainly could use an upgrade and we would have loved to get some real extras), rental first for everyone else

Our Score:

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