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Professor Edward Johnston (Billy Connolly) and his archeologic team are doing research in the remains of the French village of Castlegard when he goes to visit his sponsor, the company ILG, to find out how they manage to give him such good tips on where to find remains. Meanwhile, the team finds the remains of a monastery and when they enter, the professor’s glasses are found along with a note that says “Help Me”. After testing, it becomes clear that both are 600 years old.

Chris (Paul Walker), the professor’s son, together with the rest of the team including Kate (Frances O’Connor), André (Gerard Butler), François (Rossif Sutherland) and Josh (Ethan Embry), goes to ILG to find answers to how it is possible that his father has left a message that is undoubtedly 600 years old. Once they arrive at the HQ of ILG, it becomes clear a time travelling machine has sent the professor back to the town of Castlegard in 1357 but somehow he can’t get back. Chris and the team have to go back, find the professor, and bring him back to the present time. But that without counting the brutal war between the English and the French in 1357…

Sound and Vision:
Both the image and sound are of the quality we expect from Paramount: good. During the movie, the surround speakers a swell as the subwoofer get their piece of the action and create a very vivid and dynamic environment without interfering with the dialogues that remain crystal clear. Also the image quality is good. No problems were spotted.

– “Journey Through Timeline”: constists out of “Setting Time” (preparations of a scene), “Nights In La Roque” (preparations to the nightly battle) and “Making Their Own History” (cast & crew talk about the last day of shooting) All together it forms a decent “Making Of”
– “The Textures Of Timeline”: the people responsible for costumes and requisites get to have their say here
– Trailers

Timeline has a tagline from Fox-TV as being a modern-day Braveheart. This is waaaaay over the top. It’s a decent movie with a quite original starting idea that goes between H.G. Wells Time Machine and the plentitude of middle-ages battle movies but comparing it with Braveheart is a bit too far-fetched if you ask me. Still, Timeline is fun to watch and you won’t regret checking it out. Technically, things are pretty much A-Ok and the accompanying extras are also worth watching.

Our Score:

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