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Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

The 1970s during the cold war. Control is convinced there’s a mole in the British Intelligence but when an unsanctioned undercover operation that’s set up to find out who it is goes horribly wrong, Control has no other option than to step down and leave together with his number two, George Smiley.

A few years later, rogue agent Ricky Tarr comes forward to inform a high-ranking government official that there’s a mole at the top of the British Intelligence agency. Smiley gets brought back out of retirement to investigate this claim in total secrecy.

Sound and Vision:
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy looks dreary and doesn’t impress at first sight but then you notice that everything you may not like about the picture is actually intentional and perfectly in line with the movie’s atmosphere and 1970s setting. As such, Entertainment One actually delivers a truly great transfer!

The movie isn’t action-focused, but that doesn’t keep the sound from being impressive. There’s a lot of action going on in the rear and this for the most mundane things you can imagine, ranging from a car passing by to chatter from a radio. The dialogues are perfectly placed and understandable at all times, while the music score nicely supports the atmosphere and effect positioning is perfect.

Not something you will want to show off your surround system with, but technically truly worthwhile.

– Audio commentary
– Interviews
– Deleted Scenes

These days we rarely get to see spy movies anymore, and if we do, they’re filled with explosions and action scenes that hardly make sense. As such, it’s a relief to see Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy which perfectly portrays the atmosphere of the 1970s and has spies working with information and intelligence rather than bullets and explosives.

The cast does an excellent job and we get to see people who go to work just like anyone else, except that their work is plotting schemes and gathering information that can affect the lives of millions of others. It’s that feeling of naturel and “just another day at the office” that makes this movie stand out.

The scene at the deserted airfield is a great example of that. Smiley having a chat with one of his former colleagues as if they were talking about last night’s soccer game while in fact they’re talking about the possible death of the guy. Excellent!

I can’t really say that this movie blew me off my socks, nor that it’s a film that I’ll put next to the great ones of all time, but one thing’s for sure: it’s the best spy movie we’ve seen in years!

Our Score:

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