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Tomb Raider (Collector's Edition)

Lara Croft (Jolie) is specialised in exploring hidden temples, a love she inherited from her father who disappeared when she was 15 years old. Since then she lives in her massive mansion along with two servants who help her in her daily tasks of excercising and preparing for dangerous missions. When a couple of planets get aligned one day, she discovers a mysterious coffin which contains a strange clock that started ticking the moment the planets got in line. Not long after, heavily armed men attack her house and capture the clock. She starts digging in her books and finally finds a letter from her father which tells her that the clock contains the key to manipulate time. Together with two broken halfs of a certain triangle, the key gives ultimate power to the one who owns it. She immediately prepares her journey to track down the two halfs, but she isn’t the only one looking for them…

Sound and Vision:
We get to see some minor compression errors and the level of detail in dark rooms could have been better. For the rest the image quality is decent with good contrast, sharpness, brightness and color balance.

The soundtrack nicely uses all surround channels aswell as the subwoofer, but my opinion is that it isn’t as overwhelming as in the cinema. You really need to turn up the volume quite hard to get some bass pumping. A pitty.

Simon West starts off the extras with his audio commentary track after which we get to see Angelina Jolie’s preparation for the role of Lara Croft. The obligatory deleted scenes are of course present although not very interesting. Also a short feature about the preparation of the stunts is included along with a promotional “Making Of” which has interviews with cast & crew and some behind-the-scenes footage. The creation of the visual effects in 8 scenes are shown in “Visual Effects” and another nice feature is the alternate beginning of the movie. Last we get a music video of U2, some information on the Tomb Raider game and some DVD-rom features

A relaxing action movie a la Indiana Jones with a female protagonist which looks as beautiful as Angelina Jolie who’s perfectly casted as Lara Croft. Still, I like Harrison Ford better πŸ™‚

The dvd release is souped up with a couple of interesting extras, unfortunately the soundtrack could have used some more punch to compete with the *real* cinema experience. All in all good for a relaxing evening

Our Score:

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