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Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) returns home after having spent 6 months in Thailand. He meets up with his friends and girlfriend and explains that he had to leave his home as he was being accused of being a drug dealer which happened after he had stolen a couple of motorcycles from the “Hellions” which contained tubes of crystal (drugs). When the brother of Trey (Ice Cube), leader of the Reapers motorcycle gang, gets murdered, Ford is suspect number one but in fact Trey got murdered by the Hellions who want to push Ford in giving them back their bikes. While being on the run for the cops and the Reapers, Ford now has to arrange for the Hellions to get their bikes and drugs back while he also has to make sure the FBI is at the meeting aswell to proove his innocense and have the Hellions arrested…

Sound and Vision:
Well, the image quality is definitely above average. The picture is very sharp (the occasional soft scene not included), colors are extremely bright, and shadow depth and contrast are also of good quality. Image compression errors are down to a minimum which we can only applaud and grain only sporadically appears. We didn’t spot any aliasing.

The 5.1 soundtrack is very dynamic and with the buttload of special effects you’ll hear that your surround speakers and subwoofer get more than enough attention.

– Audio commentary by director Joseph Kahn and the main cast (Ice Cube not included)
– Audio commentary Joseph Kahn and the technical crew
– 2 animatic-comparisons
– Music video “Lean Low” from Youngbloodz
– Trailer

Nothing extraordinary, just like the movie

With Torque, producer Neal H. Moritz tries to make a 2-wheeled version of The Fast & The Furious but unfortunately he fails miserably. The storyline is thinner than a leaf and still manages to have holes bigger than swiss cheese. The acting is pathetic at certain moments and it seems like Ice Cube must have been in some cash problems to agree to work on this film. Take all that and add the maximum overload of special effects and you’ve got a movie that is so over the top that it isn’t even funny anymore. A while ago I reviewed Dark Breed and stated it seemed to be a movie made by stunt men. Torque is a movie made by special effects people who wanted to show all the different techniques you can use with modern technology. A nice display of today’s special effects but far from what I would call “a movie”.

Our Score:

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