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Training Day

Oscar winner Denzel Washington is Alonzo Harris a corrupt narcotics cop who has to train rookie Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) on his first day with the narc department.

Hoyt has been really looking out for this day as he’s really eager to become detective in the narcotics department and he has only one day to proove to Harris that he’s made of the right material. From the morning to midnight, he will accompany Harris and learn the tricks and trades of an undercover narc cop. However, he soon finds out that Alonzo doesn’t follow the rules and has established a real imperium in the drug world by abusing his status as police officer. Still, he wants to impress his mentor and starts to follow the path of corruption. When he notices that the corruption goes back to the highest levels inside the police force, and he becomes involved in a personal vendetta of Alonzo, his eyes open and he starts to get into conflict with his own conscience.

Sound and Vision:
Except for some small aliasing on some of the backgrounds, the image quality is perfect. Good contrast, detail, sharpness, etc.

Same goes for the soundtrack. Although it’s nothing out of the ordinary, the sound it technically very ok.

Director Antoine Fuqua has an audio commentary track on the dvd and there’s a “Making of” with the usual behind the scenes footage. Also a couple of deleted scenes and an alternative ending are available (poor image quality and no comments on why the scenes were deleted). Next to that we get the obligatory trailer, a cast&crew page and a couple of music video’s.

Training Day is a rock of a movie. Denzel Washington really shines and the storyline is very good. The extras could have been better, but don’t let this one pass on you for this as this is a must-have movie !

Our Score:

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