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Alice (Rachel O’Rourke) and Jim (Jared Harris) are two alcoholics from New York. When Nora’s doctor demands she stops drinking, the both of them decide to go back to Ireland together with their son to get together with Nora’s grandparents. When they arrive, Nora’s uncle Bill (Christopher Walken) tells them Nora’s grandmother has gone insane while he himself is practically blind but in fact, Bill has found the mummified body of a female druid which he’s trying to bring back to life and he needs Nora to help him. When the druid revives it kills Bill and takes on the form of Nora with the ultimate goal to take Nora’s soul…

Sound and Vision:
The movie is shown in normal TV aspect which clearly shows this film was shot not for the cinema which also shows in the overall quality. The image is rather soft and lacks a bit color. Maybe the director did this intentionally in an effort to increase the atmosphere but in effect it makes the movie look dated (while it’s shot in 1998).

The soundtrack isn’t special at all either. The 2.0 track is sufficient for dialogues but don’t expect more.


Trance is a gothic horror movie that starts out extremely slow and looks very low budget. However, after a while it seems to loose track and wanders between a slasher movie (with the invincible druid) and some gothic thriller combined with elements of the struggle of the IRA in Ireland. All this makes it hard to follow while the main storyline doesn’t really give much information away. Christopher Walken’s appearance in the movie is rather short and seems to be used as some sort of promotional extra (his face on the cover). All in all it’s a film for fans of the genre but I doubt the general public will have a lot of interest in it.

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