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Kyle Miller is a succesful diamond broker who lives in his luxury villa with his wife Sarah and daughter Avery. Not all is as great as it seems, though. Kyle’s marriage is under strain due to his work, and his teenage daughter is quite the rebel. When a bunch of masked men invade the house to get the content of Kyle’s hi-tech safe, the tension within the family starts to pop and the burglars quickly find out that this won’t be such an easy job as they thought it would be.

Trespass starrs Nicholas Cage and Nicole Kidman, and is directed by none other than Joel Schumacher. With such names on the cover, you expect an original take on the home invasion story that’s been used for movies so often already, but sadly enough the expectations get far from fulfilled. The story doesn’t really make much waves and follows the usual plot twists and cliches while also the characters don’t really manage to stand out.

Kidman doesn’t really make much of an impression and the plot twists regarding her character with some partial flashbacks do little more than prolong the movie while at the same time breaking the (already slow) pace even more. The same regarding daughter Avery who’s sole purpose seems to be to get the viewer to feel sympathy for the family, but this unfortunately fails. The home invaders have a hidden agenda, but the twists here can be seen coming from miles away and the only thing they do is make you wonder how these people can be so stupid that they didn’t see it coming. The only mildly positive point is that Cage actually manage to retain himself and acts in a less over-the-top way than he usually does. There’s only one scene where he goes berserk and even during that brief moment he’s slightly reserved.

Entertainment One delivers this Blu-ray with decent image and sound quality but there are no extras and the movie itself is as standard and generic as it can be. If you’re looking for a home invasion movie, then you may want to check out Mother’s Day instead. Although low-budget and Rebecca DeMornay as biggest name on the bill, Mother’s Day at least does have some original twists that make it worthwhile.

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