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Tripper, The

A couple of friends head out to the American Free Love Music Festival to enjoy the music, have a good time, have sex and smoke some blow. However, upon arrival a mad serial killer with an obsession for Ronald Reagan starts hacking and slashing anyone who doesn’t live up to Ronnie’s standards…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains quite a lot of grain in certain scenes but it looks like that may have been intentional to give more focus on the “low budget horror flic” atmosphere. For the rest there’s nothing to complain.

The 5.1 soundtrack does what it needs to do and especially in DTS the chainsaw sounds great 🙂

Some interviews with cast & crew are all we get which is strange seeing that the US release was packed with extras. Rather disappointing.

The Tripper is one of those wacky budget horror movies that combine plenty of gore with some great comedy. Ronnie the Serial Killer is a great finding and although at times the potential isn’t completely used, the movie does a very fine job as a funny slasher. The Arquette family delivers a good product with plenty of comedy, blood and guts which will certainly please the fans of the genre. Warner on the other hand could have done a lot better with this DVD as we get a different aspect ratio and less extras compared to the Unrated version from the US while in exchange we only get a DTS track

Our Score:

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