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Tristan & Isolde 2-disc SE

Tristan & Isolde retells the medieval tale about the love between an exceptional knight and a beautiful princess. Tristan fights on the side of Lord Marke of Cornwall against the Irish oppression. When he’s wounded in battle, he’s presumed dead and as the ritual goes, is placed on a boat. One day Isolde, daughter of the Irish king finds him stranded on the beach and takes care of him. They fall in love, but Tristan is almost discovered by the Irish and so he must flee back to Brittain. They meet again when Isolde is about to become Lord Marke’s new wife. However, Tristan and Isolde continue to meet each other in secret…

Sound and Vision:
In general the image is fine, though some moments a little bit of grain is visible. Except for that there isn’t much more to say. The sound is excellent, as is the soundtrack.

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Looks good, but actually it isn’t that great.

Kevin Reynolds is also the director of ‘Robin Hood – Prince of Thieves’, which is especially noticeable in the atmosphere. The movie aims more to really revive the medieval tale and all its idealism, rather than being realistic. Still it succeeds in bringing the ‘magic’ of the tale to live. The actors play their roles well, especially the actrice who plays Bragnae (Isolde’s lady-in-waiting) did a good job. Those who like looking for historical accuracy: there are plenty of anachronisms to be found. Usually the plot is somewhat cliché and therefore predictable, but then again the original tale already resembles stories like Romeo and Julia too much. It’s a nice movie to pass an evening, but it probably won’t stay on your mind for too long

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