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Tron (20th ann. special edition)

When Kevin Flynn gets fired from his company (ENCOM), he tries to break into the main computer to proove the company stole his idea’s to make some of the most popular video games. Unfortunately, his attempts constantly get blocked by the Master Control Program which was programmed by his former boss Ed Dillinger. Together with some ex-colleagues he’s going for another attempt, but what he doesn’t know is that the Master Control Program (MCP) is built up with artificial intelligence and has grown outside the boundaries Dillinger set in the beginning and now it not only controls ENCOM but also has started its conquest for global domination.

When Flynn accesses the MCP from inside ENCOM, he gets digitalised and sent off to the world of computers where he sees that programs – represented by figures that reflect their creator – are being captured and terrorised by the MCP and its Warrior Elite. The message is simple: join the MCP or die. Flynn must now find TRON, a security program written by one of his friends, who is the only one that can stop the MCP from taking total control.

Sound and Vision:
A movie like TRON which was made in 1982 can use a makeover and that’s just what was done for this DVD release. Unfortunately, the way TRON was made makes it unsuitable for software to correct the film and thus we still get to see dirt and damage on the movie aswell as the fact that the image isn’t stable. The only things that have improved are color depth and sharpness.

Also the soundtrack got a remake and this one is way more improved than the image quality. All channels are well-used and also the subwoofer will come into action when necessary without overdoing it.

This special edition dvd release for the movie’s 20th anniversary has received loads and loads of interesting extra’s starting off with an 88 minutes documentary on everything there is to know about the production and which includes new interviews with cast and crew. Also there’s documentaries on the special effects, the lighting, the models, the characters, and a storyboards comparison. Interesting stuff!

There’s two deleted and altered scenes, altered music for two scenes and we finalise this roundup with the promo material consisting of trailers, pictures of posters and merchandising.

I still remember the day TRON was released in the cinema and I was really eagerly looking out for the DVD release. Fortunately, this release didn’t let me down and I doubt it will let anyone down. Tron has gotten the birthday it deserved although the image quality could have been better (although that would probably not have been affordable anymore). Buy it !

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