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Agamemnon (Brian Cox) is uniting all Greec kingdoms into one huge empire. He’s almost succeeded in his mission except for Troy which remains independent. When the Trojan princes Paris (Orlando Bloom) and his brother Hector (Eric Bana) visit Agamnon’s brother Menelaos (Brendan Gleeson), Paris falls in love with Helen (Diane Kruger), Menelaos wife. The two of them decide to stay together and head back to Troy where they are welcomed by their father Priamus (Peter O’Toole) who accepts his sons actions although he knows what will come of them. Agamemnon finds this the perfect excuse to declare war to Troy and he gathers all his forces for a large scale invasion. All his soldiers together will not be sufficient however without the help of the legendary Achilles (Brad Pitt) who doesn’t care about Agamemnon but instead only fights for eternal glory.

When the army lands on the beach in front of Troy, it’s Achilles’ forces that capture it. They invade a tempel of the god Apollo and capture Briseis (Rose Byrne), a niece of Hector and Paris, who will become slave of Achilles. Agamemnon however claims Briseis for himself and unleashes the wrath of Achilles who denies to continue fighting for him. Meanwhile, Paris suggests to stop the blood shed and proposes a fight between him and Menelaos with Helen as the prize for the winner. However, Paris gets defeated easily and Hector has to intervene to prohibit his brother to be killed which results in the killing of Menelaos. This is the ultimate excuse for Agamemnon to continue the attack on Troy and he orders his troop to start a huge fight but Troy’s forces are incapable of taking the city without the help of Achilles and his troops.

When Achilles’ cousin Patroclos (Garrett Hedlund) decides to fight for the honor of Greece disguised as Achilles, he gets killed by Hector. This event brings out the worst in Achilles and he decides to take on Hector himself. After a brief fight, Troy’s hero gets killed and Achilles decides to have his army return to Greece while he himself will take part in a final battle against Troy where he’ll try to save Briseis (who he has regained and released): King Odysseus (Sean Bean) has a plan to make a wooden horse that will be given to the Trojans as evidence of respect but in fact will be a trap that’s filled with soldiers who’ll open the gates of Troy to let the Greec army in and take over the city.

Sound and Vision:
Warner is known for delivering quality in their huge budget movies and this isn’t any different. We do get to see some moiré effects from time to time but overall the image quality is more than good. The colors have a rather brown/yellow filter and are therefore very warm. The amount of detail is at all times extremely high and I didn’t notice any compression errors or damage/scratches. A very good image quality that nicely portrays the huge battles we get to see.

The soundtrack is Dolby Digital 5.1 and I must confess that I’m a bit disappointed that Warner against didn’t add a DTS track to the DVD. However, when it comes to Dolby Digital this is about the best you can get. A terrific track with lots of split-surround, lots of details and action supported by a good amount of bass from the subwoofer while dialogues are nicely coming from the center speaker and are at all times clear and understandable. The accompanying music is also very present and adds to the atmosphere.

We checked out the single disc version and this one doesn’t contain any real extras. The 2-disc special edition has three short features which makes us wonder whether you should pay extra for it.

The opinions on Troy are mixed. A lot of critics find it unacceptable that a lot of the facts that are written down in the Illias are scrapped for the movie. The influence of the gods is hardly present that Patroclos wasn’t Achilles nephew but his gay friend and that the war in total was 7 years and not a couple of weeks are just a couple of differences in the story. However, that doesn’t make Troy a bad movie at all. Think of it as a huge spectacle film and not some historically correct epos. How believable would it be that Brad Pitt is gay ? No, Wolfgang Peterson did a good job in transfering the Illias to a more modern and believable tale and the way Troy has been put on the screen is done great and certainly makes it an entertaining movie that can almost be ranked amongst Gladiator and Spartacus

Our Score:

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