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True Crime 2: New York City

The first True Crime wasn’t a great game, but it did sell just about enough for a brand new sequel. True Crime: Streets of L.A was a perfect example of stealing a great concept (GTA) to be able to steal a bit of its success. But hey, nobody gave a rat’s ass and Activision certainly didn’t care about it. True Crime 2 just stole about everything from other games, especially GTA: San Andreas. That doesn’t mean True Crime 2 is a horrible game, it’s actually better than the first True Crime.

You might have noticed True Crime 2 is all about New York City. While you are playing the all time stereotypical bad ass 50 Cent/ Snoop Dogg/ The Game/ Dr. Dre look-alike, you often have to make difficult decisions. Will you become Mr. Niceguy or will the hectic environment of New York turn you into a pimping gangsta with too much attitude. Luxoflux could make this work, but instead they choose the all-time favourite clichés of movies and other games. The story of Marcus Reed isn’t slightly interesting because you can see the plot coming from miles away. It just didn’t impress me at all. I could conclude my ability to be drawn into a story is far away, but I really think the story of True Crime 2 is just pretty boring.

A grasp out of the incredible stereotypes of True Crime 2

– Off course, the tuff gangsta!
– An old mentor, almost heading for retirement. Guess who dies first? Oops, spoiler!
– A sexy yet strict chief. Notice the way she always walk around a skirt that’s way to short. I understand, nerds without practically sex need their fake women.
– Spanish gangsters, Italian mob and strange South-American crazy people.
– The usual “funny” characters that are meant to be “funny”.

That’s about enough talk about the useless script and the stereotypes. All these characters are actually just meant to shoot them down with a great load of weapons… so who cares about them. Yet again, you can shoot them with almost every weapon ever invented and this time, it’s possible to fight them with broken tables, chairs and other sticks. The shoot-outs are even better than in GTA, and that’s about the only aspect True Crime 2 beats its opponents.

After the shooting comes the driving, and to be honest, it sucks arse. It seemed my car turned into a giant sponge filled with incredible heavy alcohol. It’s even worse when you’re driving a motorcycle: it’s like flying without wings and for that matter, without proper steering. Comparing this with the easy and incredible fun way of driving in GTA is just hilarious. To make matters worse, the streets of New York are highly populated, even more than in GTA or GTA rip-offs. Conclusion: a lot of innocent people get stuck under your wheels, which creates a bad cop rating. And you don’t want a bad cop rating if you’re trying to be and upstanding police officer. The good cop/ bad cop rating has it’s effect on the story and the way you talk.

Not much has changed since True Crime: Streets of L.A, but I feel that this game is slightly more professional than the adventures in L.A. New York looks great (those billboards, that atmosphere!). Too bad the mist in the background takes away most of the sight. Regardless of that, this game has great graphics. A special notice goes to the incredible soundtrack. It combines great rock songs with alternative music and off course Hip Hop (Redman exclusively delivered two new songs for this game).

The sequel to True Crime: Streets of L.A doesn’t offer much innovations but succeeds in being a fun game. Looking for a fun game without too much mumbo-jumbo bought the right game. But don’t expect the highly addictive gameplay of GTA.

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