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True Romance

Clarence works as a DJ in a comic book store. He like Elvis, Kung Fu movies and The Partridge Family. For his birthday, his boss as hired a callgirl, Alabama, who’s on the job for her fourth day.
When both of them meet up a sparkle immediately goes over and they fall in love. Clarence doesn’t want to have himself being chased by Alabama’s pimp so he goes over there to get back her clothes but after a fight where the pimp gets killed, Clarence takes the wrong suitcase and once home he realises he’s got for about $500.000 worth of cocaine in his possession. Together with Alabama, he decides to go to Hollywood to meet up with one of his friends to try to sell the coke. What they don’t know, however, is that the cocaine belongs to a mighty drug baron who’s pissed like hell and wants his stuff back. Meanwhile, a buyer has been found, but the cops are onto the deal aswell and things are about to get out of hand pretty badly…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is reasonably good with enough level of detail and no edge enhancement. Unfortunately, there are some minor downpoints in the form of scratches on the film, some grain and in certain scenes the movie lacks contrast. Still, we’ve had worse and overall there isn’t anything bothering too much to keep you from checking it out.

The soundtrack is decent with some nice effects coming from the surround speakers while the soundtrack adds to the atmosphere very well. The dialogues are very understandable and are positioned at the center speaker. The subwoofer doesn’t really come into effect but just gives some support to the effects and music score.

This is a 2-disc version with on the first disc some trailers of other movies from Dutch Filmworks, a photo gallery and the original movie trailer.
Disc 2 is where the real extras are located but these are also a bit disappointing: A short featurette about True Romance, B-Roll (behind-the-screens footage), sound bites, interviews with cast & crew about each other while Tony Scott talks about Quentin Tarantino who wrote the script, and to finish off some TV-clips that show certain scenes of the film. As said: rather disappointing. We don’t even get deleted scenes…

True Romance is a cult classic that has a fantastic cast and a butt-load of cameos from major stars. Although the overall package is a bit disappointing, this still is a must-have due to the quality of the movie itself.

Our Score:

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