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Tuxedo, The

Jimmy Tong is a cab driver who drives really insanely and gets contacted by a woman to become the personal driver of a man called Clark Devlin who is some kind of gentleman spy. A couple days after he’s started his new job, Jimmy and his boss get their car blown up by a skateboard with dynamite on it. Clark gets hurt and Jimmy brings him to the hospital where he promises his boss to get the guys that did this to him. Jimmy returns back to Clarks residence and tries on his tuxedo which gives him all sorts of special powers. He decides to pose himself as Clark Devlin and starts investigating together with Del Blaine, a new agent who has been assigned to work together with Devlin.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is of a very high level with only a very minor amount of compression errors. In fact, so little that you have to really pay attention to spot it. Also there’s no grain or edge enhancement present and the colors are bright and shiny while the level of detail and darkness are very good.

The soundtrack is good with lots of use of all channels. The subwoofer doesn’t have to come into action a lot, but does it when necessary. Dialogues are well-positioned and everything sounds lively. Good work.

Lots of extras on this disk, including a “making of”, loads of deleted and altered scenes, outtakes and bloopers (tradition with Jackie Chan) and of course the theatrical trailer. The lineup doesn’t seem much, but once you go scrolling through the menu’s, you’ll soon find out there’s more than you would expect and that you will be occupied for quite some time. Good stuff.

Jackie Chan always had a special combination of action and comedy in his movies but it’s until The Tuxedo that he really manages to pull it off without any stupidity. The Tuxedo is a great comedy for everyone, whether you’re a fan of Chan or not. The DVD delivers good image and sound quality and to top it off you get a buttload of extra’s which will keep you occupied for a while.

Must-have for anyone who’s looking for a funny action movie (don’t expect too much from the script though)

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