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Jessica Shepard (Judd) has been promoted to inspector at the San Francisco Homicide department. However, although her career is going great, her personal life is completely different. She gets completely wasted each night and looks for quick sex thrills with guys she meets in bars. After her promotion, things don’t really get better and each night she drinks so much that she even looses conscience and can’t remember the next day what happened. When a couple of people end up dead and she gets assigned to the case together with her new partner Del Marco (Garcia), it quickly becomes clear to her that the victims are all men she once had a one-night stand with. As she starts to doubt herself after a while, she asks help from her mentor John Mills (Jackson) but all the evidence starts pointing her way…

Sound and Vision:
Edge enhancement and aliasing are present at times but are never disturbingly high. Although the movie was originally shown in 1.85:1, the dvd contains a format of 1.78:1 but luckily no details get lost. At times the image looks a bit soft but that’s more of an intentional nature than because of a bad transfer.

Although there are a DD5.1 aswell as a DTS track on the disc, we only checked out the latter. We really can’t complain but some more use of the surround channels wouldn’t have hurt. The subwoofer does get its piece of the action luckily and all in all we get a pretty spatial sound.

– Official Trailer
– Filmclips : some scenes that can be played seperately.
– Soundbites : short interview fragments with Ashely Judd, And Garcia, Canrym Manheim and Philip Kaufman. Not really interesting
– B-Roll : behind the scenes footage without any comment
– Also Or Soon Available trailers

Twisted is supposed to be a police thriller with some “unexpected” plot twists. However, it’s more like the only people who have no clue on what’s happening are the cast. Samuel L. Jackson is acting on auto-pilot, Andy Garcia should definitely read the scripts better as he can get movies that are a lot better, and Ashley Judd constantly made me remind the thriller “Kiss the Girls” which I didn’t find to be above average either. The whole thing about Judd’s father being a serial killer and she heading the same way sounds ridiculous and if there’s any credibility in the movie, the final end scene will make sure that’s gone as well.

Dutch Filmworks have done a decent job on the technical side, but again they lack when it comes to extra’s. On the other hand: who would be interested in a pack of extras from this movie ?

Our Score:

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