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Twister (Special Edition)

Jo Harding (Helen Hunt) is a scientist who’s looking to uncover the secrets of hurricanes and she does all she can to get as close to the most dangerous tornado’s in the world as possible. Unfortunately, this dedication towards her job has not helped her private life as she’s about to get divorced from her husband Bill (Paxton). When she and her colleagues have gotten a new piece of equipment which might give them new information on hurricanes, they have to put it on the path of a huge tornado, endangering their own lives.

The storyline of Twister is all but original and one could almost say that there isn’t any. To give a good synopsis, it’s a bit like this : Crazy scientists look for information on hurricanes. Have new equipment. Have to get it inside the hurricane. Incredibly dangerous tornado comes closer, destroying everything in its path. We get to see loads of special effects. Oh, and there’s a love story aswell 🙂

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is top notch with good color balance, nice detail, sharp and clear vision and hardly any flaws or errors. Also no edge enhancement is found so that’s an extra plus.

This special edition adds a DTS track to the original dvd release and although it isn’t recorded at the highest bitrate, it’s definitely worth listening to. Minor downpoints are the fact that there’s a huge difference between the volume of background music and dialogues and the moment the twister starts doing its thing. Also the synchronisation isn’t correct in a couple of scenes.

Jan De Bont and Stefan Fangmeier (ILM Special Effects) start the special features with their commentary track which is filled with interesting information and only a couple of times we get a pause.

The Making Of has some interviews with main cast and the director and although it’s only 14 minutes, it’s good enough. Interesting fact is that while they were shooting the movie, a couple of real tornado’s were not so far away from the set 🙂

Anatomy of Twister goes further in-depth on the special effects of the movie and last we get a music clip from Van Halen and the obligatory trailer.

Nice extras and a DTS track, that’s what this special edition adds to the original version. Definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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