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Two and a Half Men Season 1

In this first season we get to know Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) as a handsome immature womanizing bachelor who writes jingles for a living. When his brother Alan (John Cryer) gets into a divorce, he moves in with Charlie. But not alone,… In the weekends his son Jake also stays at Uncle Charlie. Charlie is used of going to bed late, have women over all the time and enjoy life in his apartment near the beach. As he isn’t used to share his life with anyone, the coming of his brother and nephew throw everything around. But in a weird way they bond.

Besides family problems there is also Rose, his personal stalker who lives right next door and drops in at the most impossible moments. Judith, Jake’s mom and Alan’s ex has clear ideas about how Charlie should change his life when Jake’s over. And if that isn’t enough, there is Charlie’s and Alan’s Mom who does her best to make their lives miserable.

Sound and Vision:
Strangely enough, the image is in a 1.33:1 aspect ratio while the series was created on HD Widescreen. It doesn’t show much difference, but it’s weird nonetheless. Overall, the image is decent and the same can be said about the sound that doesn’t do anything special but just its job as it should.

– Featurette Two and a Half Men: In the Beginning -> main cast talk about their characters
– Bloopers of season 1: Farting Around

Sometimes a bit predictable and cheesy, but most of the time good for a good laugh. The cast make the perfect faces and moves to ensure you crack up. The actors put down a perfect performance, they really are their characters and play perfectly together. After one episode you really get into it and feel part of the Harper family. 8 hours Charlie Sheen is really a suggestion for fans (he’s hot isn’t he?), but also for al the rest who like to laugh. Just relax and go through this super funny series that managed to become the most popular sitcom in the US after one season.

Our Score:

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