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Two and a Half Men Season 3

Alan and Jake are still living with Charlie, although he goes to big trouble to get rid of them. Charlie loves his single life and flirts around (guess many of you guys are jealous!!) but halfway the season thing start to change and the roles get turned. Alan finds himself a 22½ year old girl and it looks like Charlie gets married… but how do they explain this all too 12-year old Jake?

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent with bright colors and all but there’s quite some grain present.

The soundtrack does what it needs to do but nothing more. This is a simple sitcom and you can notice that in all aspects.


This third season has some interesting plot twists, but especially in the beginning of this season you get the feeling you might as well have put on season 1 or 2. Things start to repeat themselves. The funniest part in this one is that Jake is getting older and therefore “smarter” when it comes to sex while the most disturbing thing is definitely the amount of times you see Alan in his not so flattering underwear and naked torso. I also missed Rose as she doesn’t have as much lines as previous seasons.

If you want to complete your collection, you should definitely buy this season, but don’t expect to much of it. It’s just a nice and easy going season of a sitcom that doesn’t make many waves in originality.

Our Score:

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