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Two for the Money SE

Brandon Lang had a promising career in American Football until he broke his leg in a game. Since then he’s been doing a boring telephone job where he gives tips on wich football teams will win their games. His tips are quite good and he has a very high percentage of correct results and as such he gets contacted by Walter Abrahams who wants him to come over to New York to work for him. Abrahams has a very ambitious company that offers betters tips and gets a percentage on the profits those people make and Brandon quickly moves up the chain of command due to his great work and even gets something close to a father-son relationship with Walter. However, when after the most succesful weekend ever in the company’s history Brandon suddenly looses his gift, things turn out bad between Brandon and Walter…

Sound and Vision:
Two for the Money contains some grain and the contrast sometimes goes a bit off which is quite strange for a movie that was released this recent. Still, for the rest the image quality is pretty decent.

The DTS track that’s present is very aggressive for this type of movie but we love it nonetheless. Only minor downpoint is the fact that the dialogues sometimes get a bit overwhelmed by the rest of the sound.

– Interviews with cast & crew: the usual promo talk
– Official Trailer
– TV-spot
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Film Clips
– Promo Trailers for other movies

Two for the Money sees Matthew McConaughey facing Al Pacino and being a big fan of the latter, I was really looking forward to checking out this dvd. However, Al Pacino is working a bit on auto-pilot (which still is better than several other actors though) doing some major over-acting and the storyline is a bit simplistic and filled with clichés but one should wonder what would be left if Pacino wouldn’t be present. I think we probably would never have heard of “Two for the Money”. The technical aspect of this dvd is reasonable but not flawless and the extras are a ton of crap. Dutch Filmworks clearly went for looks instead of content and we really think this doesn’t deserve the name “Special Edition”. Al Pacino fans again get another DVD for their collection, all the rest can go out and rent it to give it a go.

Our Score:

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