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Two Weeks Notice

Lucy Kelton (Bullock) is a woman who has only one goal in her life: do good for other people. This she does by applying her lawyer skills to prohibit the tearing down of buildings which are important for certain neighbourhoods. During her conquest for justice, she meets George Wade (Grant), a rich project developer who wants to tear down a community center in her neighbourhood to put a new building in place. After a short discussion and before she knows it, she gets hired to replace his last lawyer.

In this job, she manages to close deals for Wade and also protect buildings that are dear to her. Still, George’s rather unpredictable way of life and him contacting her for the utmost stupid reasons (even when she’s at the wedding of her best friend) is getting too much for her so she decides to quit her job. During her last days at work, she finds out that she’s got more feelings for him than she wants to admit.

Sound and Vision:
Although the contrast is a bit off, the image quality is very good with total abscense of edge enhancement of compression errors. Only a little grain is noticeable. There’s one thing you need to watch out for: with the initial launch, there were problems with the subtitling (which sometimes just wasn’t present at all). You need to check the flipper of your case and see whether it says Z9 or ZN9. In the first case, you’ve got a bad copy and Warner will replace it for you.

The movie is very much dialogue driven and hardly has any special effects worth mentioning. You don’t really need a great surround set to enjoy this film. Dialogues are well-positioned at the center speaker, but the others are hardly used.

Marc Lawrence starts off the extras with his commentary track after which we can check out the “Making Of” with the usual bits and pieces accompanied by interviews with cast & crew. There’s two additional scenes along with optional commentary and next to that we can take a look at some bloopers. The theatrical trailer and a 1-page cast overview close the extra’s of this dvd.

Enjoyable but very light romantic comedy which will definitely be loved by the women. The extras are nice but nothing extraordinary. A good allrounder.

Our Score:

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