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Two Worlds

The disc had those two worls printed, Two Worlds. My first RPG after all the demos of such games I’ve played. I dared to put it in my drive and got dragged along in a medieval era where I’m told the story of the war god Aziraal who had lost in a great war. Things are a bit unclear to me and apparently I also have a sister I haven’t seen for three years. The game starts when I’m looking for shelter to spend the night with my wounded sister. Suddenly I hear “PLOF” and she’s on the ground next to my horse. She fainted but luckily she regains conscious after I put her next to a tree. Not far from there is a desolate house and I tell her I’ll go check it out to see whether we can stay there but when I return she’s vanished.

Odd, no? Someone that just disappears? Of course I want to get her back, but where do I start? How can I get her back? A lot of questions rise and I decide to continue on my journey to a village where I get to hear more about the war that’s going on in the surroundings. A friend leads me to a temple where I finally get a tutorial and learn to open doors with a lockpick and get to kick some Groms. Once outside again a beautiful world opens up for me. A wide view and tons of woods make me swallow for a second. I’m enjoying the view but suddenly hear a roar. Three wolves attack me but since I’m not strong enough to take them on I decide to run away. Just when I think I’m safe again, there comes a bear! Ruuuun! As you can see, Two Worlds doesn’t give you a lot of time to catch your breath, even though there are enough quiet places as well.

Time to check our inventory. There we find a bow with arrows but when giving it a go it doesn’t seem to do a lot so I decide to go looking for some more Groms to do some headbashing. Still, this isn’t so interesting so we make our conclusions and go to the nearest village where we enter a house with our lockpicks. There may be some people, but since there are no guards or such I take my chance and open a closet out of which I take the best clothes, money and better weaponry. I feel a lot more powerful already and am able to take on animals. I introduce a couple of wolves to my good friend, Mister Grim Reaper, and take their hearts with which I can cook something that increases my Vitality for some time. I feel a lot more powerful so send some “Bandits” on the same road as the wolves and remarkable is that they have some very strong clothing which is handy to use myself. At their camp there’s also a horse and a chest with lots of gold so I take it all and drive back into town.

Once there I go to a salesman, trade with him and leave the town again through the other gate. Outside there’s a man in a black cloak who tells me to go to Gandohar who’s supposed to give me more info about my sister. I go to the point that’s marked on my map and arrive at a cave. Once down there we see again such a strange fellow and guess what… it’s Gandohar. He tells me how to get our lovely sister back and we continue our journey. What you exactly have to do is something you can find out yourself in this excellent game.

I was completely shook up of this and that while I’ve only told you about the main quest you need to fulfil. There are tons of other ones to do which help you level up and earn gold. If you’ve seen the whole world and finished all quests, you can also have some fun in multiplayer, something you wouldn’t expect in an RPG.

The game has excellent graphics and doesn’t require too high system specs. There’s also quite a lot of variation present and when getting closer to the water for instance, there will be less woods than when you go near a village. At such places you’ll also get a totally different impression than when going on higher surface where you get to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. You can see just about the whole world and recognise the places you’ve already been. Also the cities and villages are different although the villages do look quite alike. One is a bit bigger than the other and has something special about it, but qua building style they’re pretty much the same. The cities on the other hand give a totally different feeling and look surrounded and desolate. Not really empty as you would think, but the buildings are mostly done out of stone which gives a less pleasant atmosphere.

What I enjoyed most next to the graphics is the sound. This is very well done and with eye for detail. When I was walking around the forests, the first thing I noticed was the sound of birds in the surroundings. Also your horse makes a wonderful sound when it’s walking around and even when swimming you get to hear great splashes. I can’t immediately find something negative about this game except for the somewhat lesser controls of the horse and a couple of bugs that are present, but with such a huge world that’s quite understandable.

As my first RPG I certainly enjoyed this game. Making sure all the details are listed in this review is very difficult but I think it’s more than clear that I had fun and would suggest it to anyone, both die-hard as well as noob RPG players. I could go on for hours but the bottom point is this: a very good game and certainly a suggestion as go-between while waiting for the next Elder Scrolls!

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