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Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

Electronic Arts enters the console platform genre with a cute Tazmanian tiger called… Ty. You run around, collecting stuff and jumping from one level to another, and that’s about what there’s to say about this game.

Well, we could say that the concept of 99% of all platform games is the same and we would probably be correct, if it weren’t for games like Jak&Daxter, Ratchett&Clank or any of the Mario games if we want to go to the Nintendo console systems.

So, let’s start from the beginning here. Ty is a cute tiger with an attitude. He comes from a long family of tigers which once battled an evil bird (well, that’s what I understood from the intro). Now, the world is in danger again, and Ty is the only one that can prevent all hell breaking loose.

What does our fearless cudly tiger which seems to have his mouth sowed up need to do ? Correct ! Collect stuff !

You’ll need to go from one level to another by jumping through portals and collect opals, “thunder eggs” and “golden cogs”, next to rescueing the occasional friend of Ty. All in the pursuit of reclaiming five talismans which are needed to save the day.

You’ll run into the obligatory foes of course and as you’re walking around in some sort of jungle, these enemies consist of such creatures as walking crocodiles, giant crabs and other creatures which are hard to describe here.

To complete your task you’ve got a couple of boomerangs which you can shoot off at your enemies or use to float over something (a river, a canyon, …).

Next to the normal platforming, there’s several different sub-games where you can earn some extra’s. These subgames consist of shooting rocks at enemies, racing head to head, etc.

The controls are very simple with the left knob being used for direction, the main buttons for kicking, jumping, biting and biting. The right knob is used for camera viewpoint while the shoulder buttons are used for additional functions such as target view where you can aim precisely at an opponent.

The graphics are cudly but hardly anything special. Everything is bright and colorful but that’s about all you can say about them. The characters all look like they have been made out of plastic (Ty especially) and don’t really convince. Neither do any of the characters give any feeling towards you as the voice overs are all but good. More frankly, they suck. Even Arnold Schwarzennegger might have pulled off a better impersonation of the characters that you encounter in this game than the sound people that have made it.

So, is there anything else to say about this game ? Well, I could say that EA tries to do their best, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth. EA seems to be targeting new markets for them and each time they release a game which has quite a good potential, but every time they fail to use it.

After completely fucking up C&C: Renegade on the PC which was their first attempt at a First Person Shooter, EA now again missess the ball with a platform game for the PS2.

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