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When a German submarine sends out a distress call, the US Navy decides it might be the ultimate opportunity to get their hands on a German Enigma decoding machine. The US send out one of their own submarines to have a rendez-vous with the german U-boat and capture it. Once they arrive at the damaged german ship, things go wrong however, and the Americans see their own submarine shot to pieces. They now have no other option than to try and return to their base with the crippled U-571.

Sound and Vision:
The film is not put on this DVD in its original format but in 1.78:1 which makes it screen-filling on widescreen TV’s but often results in microphones suddenly appearing on the top of the screen and stuff like that. Here however, this is not the case as nothing can be found wrong with the image. I would even say that the image quality is almost perfect with very good contrast, shadow depth and detail, bright colors when necessary (there are a lot of very dark scenes inside the sub so colors tend to be dark most of the time) and no signs of edge enhancement, grain or aliasing.

U-571 won an oscar for its sound and we can rejioce as both the DTS and DD5.1 tracks are absolutely fabulous. The DTS track is recorded at full bitrate (1536 kbps) and sounds incredible with good spreading of all surround channels and really impressive subwoofer use. The DD5.1 track also is top-notch but has a less present bass-sound.

The extras start with interviews with technical advisor and vice admiral Patrick Hannifin, who is a veteran of WW1 and WW2 and has actually captured a U-boat, and an English military man who captured enigma machines from several U-boats. An old US promo movie about the capturing of a U-boat has also been included on the DVD along with a short movie on how the enigma machine works.

Next we get a couple of documentaries on how a U-boat was created for use in the movie, interviews about the locations, biografies on cast&crew and some production notes. Last we get a trailer and a TV commercial.

Great movie with incredible sound and good actors. Nothing much can be said for the rest except that this is one of the first submarine movies which can be compared with the enormous “Das Boot”

Our Score:

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