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Ugly, The

Simon Cartwright (Rotondo) is a convicted serial killer who is put in a mental institution. When he requests a re-evaluation, he requests psychiatric Dr. Karen Shoemaker (Hobbs) to examine him.

When Karen arrives, she immediately finds out that the employees are quite hostile against her and that she doesn’t really need to expect much collaboration from her colleague Dr. Marlowe (Ward) who is the head of the institute where Cartwright is held. When Karen starts her talks with Simon, she tries to get into his head to find out what drove him to continue killing people randomly without any probably cause. Simon takes her on a trip through his life but as time progresses, the question raises “who’s getting into who’s head” ?

Sound and Vision:
The Ugly was a low budget movie and Paradiso has treated it as such. There’s quite a lot of grain present and also aliasing pops up from time to time. The colors on the other hand are well-portrayed and the director has filmed everything with a filter making yellow and green colors completely obsolete to add to the cold atmosphere.

The 2.0 soundtrack is nothing special and you should treat it as such. The dialogues are clear and understandable but that’s about all one can say about the sound.


I remember watching this movie originally at the cinema in the first week it ran. A friend and me were almost alone in the theater at a Friday night, not something that happens a lot but this nicely portrays the character of the movie. Don’t expect your standard slasher movie nor a psychological thriller like Silence of the Lambs. Scott Reynolds went deep into the mind of a random serial killer and the result is pure sickness. All characters in the movie seem to be mentally ill and the actual killer seems the most sane person you get to see which even further enhances the thrilling atmosphere. Also the use of flashbacks combined with “what if”-situations make the movie a piece of art and further enhance the experience. I assure you, after watching this movie you will not feel the need to eat and this time not because of all the gory details you get to see but because of what you DON’T get to see.

The Ugly is a fantastic cult movie which lovers of decent horror flics should definitely not skip. It’s one of the best movies in its genre.

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