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In search to create the ultimate soldier, humanity discovered a virus that modifies humans, giving them higher speed & agility, increased intelligence and improved hearing. The government sees these people, called Hemophages, as a threat as the virus tends to spread and may in the end kill all of humanity. They decide to kill every last one of them and have developed a super secret weapon to do so. Violet, a rebel Hemophage, is sent out to get this weapon but once she manages to obtain “it”, she finds out that it’s just a boy. With her mother instinct kicking in, she decides not to hand him over to the other hemophages but try to protect him at all cost. This action not only makes that the government is after her but also her fellow Hemophages and almost no-one to help…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of compression errors and is a bit too soft at times but the worst thing is that it’s too obvious that the effects are digitally created and landscapes look like they were made for videogames of 2 years ago. The biggest action scene is suffering highly from this as it makes everything look like cut&paste work instead of a decent movie

The sound quality isn’t too bad but some more aggressive use of the surround channels and subwoofer wouldn’t have hurt. Especially when seeing that this movie is almost completely about special effects.

– Audio commentary by Milla Jovovich
– Deleted Scenes
– Making Of: “UV Protection parts 1-4”

I didn’t bother to check out the extras due to the fact that this movie is so bad that nobody wants to have more info about it

Ultraviolet is filled with digital effects that should create a comic book-like atmosphere as the intro would suggest. Unfortunately they tare apart any sense of belief that this futuristic world could be a reality and instead transform it into something we could have seen in 2 year old videogames that weren’t really of the best quality. The storyline itself is as thin as a fishing line and not even half as strong. Add to that characters that are as real as cardboard and not even Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil), Cameron Bright (Running Scared) or William Fichtner (Invasion) can make up for that.

All in all, Ultraviolet seems to try to be a rip-off of the already mediocre Aeon Flux without a good storyline behind it added with some matrix-like combat and chase-scenes and a female hero that seems to be a combination of Underworld’s Selene and Elektra. Stay away from this one. Kurt Wimmer did a terrific job with Equilibrium, but this one just plain sucks.

Our Score:

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