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David Dunn (Willis) is a football stadium security officer. His life hasn’t been all too great up until now as his wife and he are growing apart and his son doesn’t understand what is happening. One day he sits on the train when a terrible accident happens and he ends up being the sole survivor. To make things strange, he doesn’t even have a scratch and people are puzzled how this could have happened.

A couple of days later he meets Elijah Price, a strange comic book keeper who suffers from a disease which him extremely vulnerable in such a matter that even the slightest fall results in breaking several bones. Elijah thinks he has an explanation on why David was the only survivor and didn’t even hurt himself but the explanation is so strange that David doesn’t accept. When he starts testing what Elijah told him, he begins to see the consequences this will have on his family and life.

Sound and Vision:
The film uses loads of different color palettes to show the difference between Elijah (purple) and David (green) but this doesn’t cause any problems. What does cause a problem thouh are the sometimes a bit too dark scenes where details get lost. Also the switching from one layer to another is badly done as it’s in the middle of an important scene and is extremely noticeable. For the rest nothing bad can be said on the image quality as edge enhancement, aliasing and grain are almost obsolete.

Although this movie is more about dialogues, the use of the surround channels is clearly present and a nice feature. They give an extra dimension to the movie. Unexpectedly impressive.

Nothing extraordinary here, just the most common stuff we get to see these days. First off we have a “Making of” with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with cast&crew. Next to that there’s a featurette where the director explains us why seven scenes were deleted (and we of course get to see the scenes themselves aswell). The trailer is also present, just like three promo-trailers for Pearl Harbour, Remember the Titans and Snowwhite.

Unbreakable doesn’t have the same movie quality as The Sixth Sense. Still, it’s an entertaining movie although very slow of pace. If you’re expecting a second “Sixth Sense”, you’ll be disappointed, but if you look at it as a seperate independent movie, you might like it just like me. The extras on the DVD aren’t overwhelming but good in quality

Our Score:

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