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Underworld Director's Cut

For the storyline, I suggest you check out our review of the original version

Sound and Vision:
The director cut has impeccable image quality. Everything is digitally filtered to get a more “dark comic” look with a rather cold blue-ish view. Black is extremely solid and there’s no grain nor compression errors.

The DTS track we checked out is quite good with aggressive use of the surround speakers but some scenes in the beginning (especially the opening scene) do tend to lack a bit of detail and the dialogues have a rather hollow sound. However, as the movie progresses this problem gets fixed and we get a very nice track.

Disc 1:
– Director’s Cut
– Audio commentary track by director Len Wiseman and actors Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman
– TV-spots
– Music Video
– Look of Underworld: the director talks about how he wanted Underworld to look. Also some other crew get to say some stuff
– Designing Underworld: the production designer talks about the creation of the sets, clothes and props
– Visual Effects Of Underwold: the visual effects experts get to say their thing on how the effects were created
– The Evolution Of Underworld: The cast talks about their view on the movie. Quite promotional
– Outtakes

Disc 2
– Extreme Sacrifice: an episode of “The Unexplained”. The documentary tries to find the reasons why people risk their lives to save others
– The Vampyre Myth: Another feature from “The Unexplained” which this time digs deeper into the vampire myth. Not only do we get to see a large part of history with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the original Vlad Dracul but also the modern crazy Americans who truly believe they’re vampires. Quite hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

There’s also a booklet added that shows storyboard to movie comparisons. Nice!

When I reviewed the original version of Underworld, I stated it was definitely a movie to check out. Well, this director’s cut is a bit longer than the original and although the extras on the first disc are the same as those from the original release, the 2nd disc does contain two features that are worth checking out. The image quality is great and although the opening scenes lacks some detail, the sound is good as well. If you don’t have Underworld yet, you absolutely should get this edition. If you already have, there’s little reason to get this one as well as the extras on disc 1 are the exact same thing.

Our Score:

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