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Underworld: Evolution

Continuing the story that started in Underworld, Viktor’s death leaves only Marcus as remaining elder of the Vampires. Being the cause of Viktor’s demise, Selene and Michael hope to be able to plea to Marcus for forgiveness. However, Marcus has already risen and has other plans. Being the first of his kind, he plans to find back his brother, first of the Lycans, and unleash him so that together they can rule the earth. Only Selene and the hybrid Michael seem to be capable of maybe stopping Marcus but then they’ll first have to figure out the origins of their bloodlines.

Sound and Vision:
Sony delivers excellent image and sound quality with this release. No compression errors or disturbing aliasing and even edge enhancement is nowhere to be found. Truly magnificent.
Although there are a lot of dark scenes, at no time do you ever miss anything thanks to the high level of detail and the good contrast that result in optimal viewing conditions.

The soundtrack – although not DTS – is quite aggressive but never lets the dialogues get overwhelmed. The subwoofer nicely supports the whole with the necessary bass while the surround channels offer plenty of action around your head.

– Audio commentary track by director Les Wiseman, editor Nick De Toth, production designer Patrick Tatopoulos and stunt coordinator Brad Martin
– Bloodlines: From Script to Screen
– The Hybrid Theory
– Making Monsters Roar
– The War Rages On
– Building a Saga
– Music and Mayhem
– Video clip: “Her Portrait in Black” by Atreyu
– Trailers

Underworld: Evolution is the next step in the war between the Vampires and Lycans and goes back to the origins of both species. It does this very nicely with flashbacks at the beginning of the movie but also perfectly integrates this in the continuation of the storyline of Selene and Michael. This sequel adds a couple of characters that were touched upon in the first movie but without going away from the basic foundation that was laid out in the original. As with most sequels, the pace of Evolution has trippled and so did the action. This doesn’t bother at all however, as it’s what was to expected and luckily doesn’t interfere with the development of the story.

All in all I found Underworld: Evolution quite entertaining just like the original and Les Wiseman has done a terrific job in not stepping in the footsteps of so many sequels that only add more action while degrading storyline. The only thing that I worry about is what Wiseman will come up with in the next sequel that’s announced for 2009.

On the technical side there’s nothing to complain and Sony has done an excellent job also with the extras. Nice stuff!

Our Score:

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