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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

It has been 20 years since the war between the Lycans and vampires has begun. The aristocrat vampire Viktor has built up an army to fight off the threat and has begun the process of exterminating the lycans who appear to have lost the possibility to take on their human appearance again and are little more than vicious animals. One day Viktor finds a human child born out of a lycan and instead of killing it, he names the child Lucian and raises it. In fact, Viktor believes this new race of Lycans is perfect to defend his kind during the day and creates more and more of them as a slave race that serves the vampires.

When Lucian grows up, he sees his kind being mistreated by the vampires but he himself has always been under the protection of Viktor and as such has been capable of leading a “privileged” life. This changes, however, when Lucian gets punished for leaving the castle to rescue Viktor’s daughter, Sonja, from an attack of the werewolves. Lucian is stripped from all his privileges and thrown in jail. With Sonja’s help, Lucian manages to escape along with a couple of his kind and they head to the nearby forest in order to avoid the vampire Death Dealers who are coming after them as well as to raise an army and get rid of the vampire reign once and forever.

Sound and Vision:
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans has very stylized images with a strong tendency towards blue colors. Technically we didn’t spot anything really wrong which is to be expected from a recent Blu-ray release but it isn’t reference quality either. Here and there some more detail could be given and although the image as such is sharp, we’ve seen better.

The sound is nice with good use of the surround speakers and subwoofer with especially the action towards the end of the movie being a feast to hear (the raid of the werewolves is really pounding)

– Audio commentary track by the director and the producers
– From script to screen
– The Origin of the Feud
– Re-Creating The Dark Ages
– Interactive map
– Videoclip
– Trailer

A pretty standard batch of extras that couldn’t really interest us

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the third movie in the series and as so usual it follows the typical paths of sequels: first sequel continues original story, second sequel goes back into history to be some sort of prelude to the first movie. And as so many sequels, it’s crap.

Bill Nighy (Viktor) and Michael Sheen (Lucian) take on the roles of younger versions of their characters in the previous films but for some reason they seem hardly as dangerous as they were. Rhona Mitra tries to make up for Kate Beckinsale not being around but she clearly doesn’t have as much presence as the latter. But all that could have been forgiven if the storyline would have been good. Unfortunately plot twists in South Park are more interesting to watch than this entire film and next to the action there’s very little interesting to see. And even the action disappoints. Except for the charge of the werewolves, nothing could start our veins pumping.

All in all a rather disappointing movie that brings nothing more to the story than the 5 minute scene that explained the history of the war between vampires and lycans in the first Underworld movie

Our Score:

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