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Since 600 years a war between the vampires and the Lycan (also known as Werewolves) has been going on. Lately, the werewolves have been numbered down and Selene (Beckinsale) is one of the hunters that has to kill them. Being a vampire herself, she has sworn to destroy each and every one of them as revenge for them killing her parents. When one day she rescues a human, Michael (Speedman) from a couple of lycans, she tries to find out why they were after him. During her investigation she slowly but steadily finds out that a major conspiracy is going on which involves Lucian (Sheen), the presumed dead leader of the Lycans who appears to be more alive than ever…

Sound and Vision:
Underworld has a dark and gloomy atmosphere and this is perfectly portrayed in the color use which shows rather cold colors with mostly black and blue taints with some yellow coming through. The level of detail, contrast, shadow depth are all very good. We saw a little bit of grain but it seems this was intentional. Compression errors was something we didn’t spot so overall we can say the transfer was pretty good.

The soundtrack is very dynamic with good use of all channels including surround and subwoofer. The music nicely adds to the atmosphere and the overal score is really adding to the experience. Good stuff !

The version we received didn’t contain any extras. In retail, two version will be released with the following features :
Special edition:
dts music video, trailers, TV spots, Trailer Clips, Soundbites B-roll

Supremacy 2-disc Edition
disc 1:
Same as Special Edition

disc 2:
– 128 minuten: Director’s Cut
– DTS TV Spots
– Deleted Scenes
– Music Video
– Documentary Fang VS Fiction
– The look of Underworld
– Designing Underworld
– Visual Effects of Underworld
– Featurette

When hearing the promo spots on the radio I got a rather bad impression on Underworld. It sounded like it was going to be some crappy B-movie with special effects but instead, I got really surprised as Underworld is in fact one of the best movies in its kind available at the moment. The storyline is decent, the characters aren’t hollow but seem of flesh and blood, and the acting is top notch (for a vampire/werewolf action movie). Definitely a movie to check out.

Our Score:

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