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Monroe Hutchen (Snipes) is the undisputed boxing champion in Sweetwater prison with already 10 years winning match after match. When George “Iceman” Williams (Rhames), the world champion boxing, gets convicted for rape and gets sent to Sweetwater, old gangster boss Mendy Ripstein (Falk) sees the chance fit to organise a match between the two champions. It will be a clash between titans, the champion of all prisons against the champion of the outside world.

Sound and Vision:
Undisputed uses several different color palettes, dark colors for the prison scenes, bright colors for the outside of the prison, TV-image for the testimony of the woman George Williams supposedly raped, and black and white for flashbacks. Luckily, the DVD doesn’t have any problems with this as the image quality is above average with good contrast and no compression errors or edge enhancement. The only minor (but not disturbing) flaw I found was some scenes which seemed to have a film over them making them a bit less sharp.

The soundtrack is good although not many effects will be noticed as mostly the movie turns around dialogue which nicely come from the front speakers as they should. Also, when the boxing match finally starts, you don’t really get the feeling you’re inside a huge audience that’s shouting. Maybe a bit more use of subwoofer and surround channels could have improved this.


I’m not going to say that “Undisputed” is a boxing movie of the caliber of Rocky, but still it’s an entertaining movie. Snipes and Rhames act somewhat subdued and this suits the movie pretty good

Our Score:

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