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Unfinished Life, An SE

Jean Gylkinson (Lopez) finally got tired of being used as a punching bag by her boyfriend and together with her daughter she heads off to the ranch of her ex-father in law Einar (Redford). Einar has been torn apart by loosing his son and has been neglecting his ranch where he lives with his last servant, Mitch Bradley (Freeman). When Jean comes along, Einar starts feeling alive again due to his granddaughter and things look to be going ok again. But that’s without counting on Gary who’s determined to get “his” Jean back.

Sound and Vision:
Dutch Filmworks has started a new series called “Supreme Editions” which should contain great image and sound quality and with this DVD they’ve already succeeded in it. The image is quite sharp has natural colors and good contrast.

The movie is mostly dialogue-based so you might wonder why a DTS track is present, but it does add some atmosphere.

– Liner notes
– Trailer
– Photo Gallery
– Behind the scenes
– Film Clips
– Interviews with Cast & Crew
– Making Of
– Training Bart the Bear

All in all, the extras are really not so great. The interviews with cast & crew and the Making Of are good for just over 20 minutes so you can already guess its quality. The “Behind the scenes” feature is a crappy B-Roll and the rest of the mentioned extras really aren’t informative.

An Unfinished Life is a quite interesting movie and you really shouldn’t be fooled by the presence of J-Lo. Redford and Freeman really show that they’re class actors and Lopez does her best to tag along. On the technical side we’re pretty happy to say An Unfinished Life is above average but the extras really are a load of crap

Our Score:

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