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Unforgiven (Special Edition)

William Munny (Eastwood) and Ted Logan (Freeman) are two retired gunslingers who are trying to pass their old days in peace when a guy who calls himself The Schofield Kid comes along and tells them that in the town of Big Whiskey, a couple of prostitutes have put a bounty on two cowboys who’ve mutilated one of the girls. Munny, who is looking after his children after the death of his wife, is having financial problems and talks Logan into going along with him and the Kid to get the bounty.

When they arrive in Big Whiskey however, they immediately get spotted by Bill Daggett (Hackman), the sheriff of Big Whiskey who is a cruel man who interpretes the law to his own willing and doesn’t mind hurting people that don’t follow his rules. When Munny gets injured and Logan gets killed by Daggett, it looks like time has caught up on the two. Once he’s healed, however, Munny wants to take revenge for the death of his friend.

Sound and Vision:
The only minor downpoint on the image quality of this dvd can be seen in the minor grain that appears in a very few scenes. For the rest, the dvd has great quality with superb contrast and color balance and good detail overall.

The soundtrack is Dolby Digital 5.1 which is more than enough for this dialogue-driven movie.

Disc one starts off with a commentary track by Richard Schickel who’s the official biographer of Clint Eastwood but it’s clear that the man isn’t capable of talking a full commentary track as there’s quite a lot of pauses and several things he tells are all but interesting. Next up are info on cast and crew, the awards the movie has won and the trailer.

Disc 2 is where things get interesting with a new featurette made for the 10th birthday of the movie where main cast and crew take a look back at the work they’ve done. Then we get some behind the scenes footage, a promotional Making Of where we also get to see some information on Eastwood’s career, a documentary called “Eastwood on Eastwood” which looks at the 50 year career of Clint Eastwood and last but not least an episode of Maverick (old western tv show) where we get to see an appearance of a very young Clint Eastwood. Good stuff 🙂

Unforgiven is a must have. Clint Eastwood made this movie in a time where everyone thought the western genre was dead, but he prooved everyone wrong with this epos on a retired gunslinger who wants to forget the bad things he’s done in his past but has to face his old self again when he gets in financial problems and takes on a last job which gets his best friend killed. This special edition version is obligatory in every dvd lover’s collection

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