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Unit Season 1, The

Jonas Blane aka Snake Doctor is the leader of a covert ops team in the service of the United States military. Together with his fellows, they are the best of the best and do missions all over, including the most dangerous places in the world but also the United States. Mack “Dirt Diver” Gerhardt is a new guy who gets to join Blane’s team and for him this is a dream come true. From now on he’ll be able to “defend his country” anywhere in the world and participate on the most dangerous and exciting missions possible. For Mack’s wife Kim, however, it’s a little bit different. She gets isolated from the outside world, suddenly isn’t allowed to tell anyone anymore what her husband does for a living, and also needs to get along with the wives of the other soldiers.

As time goes on, it becomes clear that the life of a covert ops isn’t all just guts and glory.

Sound and Vision:
The different episodes of The Unit are filled with hair sharp images and without compression errors. The only downpoint you could state is that fact that certain scenes contain quite some grain but that’s intentional. As you’ll notice, there’s a huge difference in style between the “home”-scenes and those shot of missions. While things at home look very nice, action scenes are usually filled with grain and have a very high contrast ratio. This nicely shows the difference between both parts of the story that are shown and add to the atmosphere.

The 5.1 sound is very good and puts you in the middle of the action during the combat scenes, while dialogues always stay clear and understandable. Very good stuff, epecially for a TV-series.

The only extra with this season is “Inside the Delta Force”, a feature that gives a closer look at the adaptation of the book towards this television series. Pretty interesting though.

The Delta Force meets the Desperate Housewives. That’s how you could describe The Unit. It’s like having two seperate series, one about combat soldiers and one about housewives, which interconnect through the different relationships. And it even works too! Eventhough the “home”-part sometimes gets a bit dreery and too moralistic the series does remain interesting to follow. Except for maybe “Over There’, I think this might be the best soldier-series up to now.

Good acting, decent storylines, above-average image and sound quality. What more do you want from a TV-series dvd? Ok, the extras are a bit thin, but still… definitely one to check out.

Our Score:

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