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Unit Season 2, The

The second season of The Unit brings us back to the world of covert operations of the Special Forces. At the end of the first season, we saw the team getting shot at a party by some terrorists. We return some time afterwards when things seem to have settled down a bit. But not really. Mack is thinking about settling down and leaving the unit to make his wife Tiffy happy, Jonas’ wife Molly starts recruiting people from the unit for a soldier of fortune company in order to earn some cash for her family. Meanwhile, Bob gets contacted by the CIA who asks him to start working for them, and The Unit gets under investigation for apparent misconduct.

Sound and Vision:
Overall the image quality is decent but there’s some grain, aliasing and compression errors present. Fortunately, these aren’t too obnoxious so you probably won’t care too much about this.

The sound is really great and without a doubt one of the best tracks heard in a TV show. It’s clear this series has a big budget and the special effects truly are amazing to hear as the soundtrack puts you right in the middle of all the action. Great stuff!

– Audio commentary track
– The making of: Paradise Lost Mission
– The making of: Sub-Conscious
– Working with the weapons: Dark of the moon

A couple of extras for the fans.

The second season of The Unit really launches the series. Where the missions in season 1 tended to be a bit the same after a while, this time we get a lot more variation in the storylines and overall this is for the better. The acting is still very good and the only minor downpoint that sometimes comes up is the “America is great” feeling that certain episodes clearly proclaim.

If you’re looking for an action series and don’t mind the fact it’s about soldiers, then The Unit is definitely something to check out. This second season is less about missions in third world countries which makes it more accessible, and the “Desperate Housewives” part is also less annoying than in the first season

Our Score:

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